Monday, August 20th


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Morning welcome back with Matt McCallister 100 points and hill. How much do you think this Space Needle window washer makes Laura Barnicle scraper on the Bainbridge scary dude you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make you may be that big aghast let's play share your salary. Because we don't wanna know what everybody else makes a living but it's never OK to ask until now. The producer Heidi Caitlin Lynn woods. Given the morning time. Nike and hey thanks for Arabs Sharon salary with a here a couple minutes. Before we do have put men on the clock rescue many questions as we can. To try to figure out what we think you make this an annual talents by the way you worried behavior intervention. Specialist is this correct me. Okay great answers and questions. Already. Emily are you ready to kick it off I'm ready to go right so what exactly is it behavior intervention specialist good question. Well I work at. I have been married for almost a year and how much schooling costs. I am one earring in my master's degree. Who was this your dream job. Yeah. Would you recommend this job to other people actually. Do you get any kind of bonuses or bumps and pat. I get Avery is one thing. Are you are part of a union. Now. Are you to breadwinner in your friend. I got. How long is your to me it. Ash OK okay Al sounds pretty reasonable to me and give us the second gonna formulate our guest is here will come back and dec Kalin will guessing you share your salary or kind. Welcome back to share your salary. Because look. We don't wanna know what everybody else makes her living but it's never OK to ask until now we've got came and on the phone she lives in Lynnwood. And she is a behavior intervention specialist Stanley before we guess what we think she makes a year loyalist who now. Fish she works at a stomach an alternative school she works with the kids there she's been doing it a year. She is not a part of the union she gets paid hourly but she's also one year into masters she does not recommend this job it's not her dream job. And she gets a raise once a year. Okay. Caitlin to be listening. Since may teachers ciller. Emily of illegal first and she win yesterday I did an OK Woody Allen I am like no just because she sounds so unhappy with it a little low. Yeah I can't tell who's more unhappy her Jeff Drucker staff meet normal wanna do their doom I'm now 39. OK and I bet before Kaelin. Driving a truck sounds pretty good some days we don't have a deal with a view. Event I think he would have been Agassi's new truck and nobody bothers me. And OK Emily goes 39000 a year comedy go 56. Say because I'm hopeful like a little more respect. Slow joke I you know I worked at a place like this before on the ago 4545. K 45 all right Q let me read to share your salary. Or any of our I would Caitlin Palin and the behavior in a minute specialist. Go ahead and share your salary. At so for a tax that I make 26000 dollars. A and. Man lower than everybody gets now. Q and I that you put up with a lot of the crap. I hear that start the filly is a complete lockdown facility can't answer any door without a eat. And that's because my CDR and can be extremely aggressive and being here. Well Adam I get a full that's pretty regularly. A you have to children trick or strength often. And it's rough and I don't look at all. Oh yeah that sounds a lot like a place that I worked for a couple years. So yeah okay and every day it's it's scary like you have the potential to be seriously hurt. Oh yeah I. I am in October and a tangle with Beckett bias in Holland college now at Kraft. Whoa okay Caleb why don't they get inevitable why do you keep going back for Tony come easy you just got to bump up in salary. I got Aaron. Hair. Sixteen and fairy. Eighteen cents a fixing them well you have some good stories and and there's got to be some kids that are you really making a difference in the lives. Absolutely and that's why I keep coming back as they love the way it's probably part of your continuing education. Are partially aka. And I want to end up working it added. Children that I'm getting my masters in counseling psychology if I'm looking toward becoming a therapist to. Well and not to work with children I'd like to be on the front my mental well before I don't think that. Well listen you take care yourself and we appreciate what you do and as kids we know how hard that is enough. We're gonna slide you Jeff the truckers number we got ten underestimated. Drive short haul you know Michael Paulson created on talk about it. Didn't do it with a truck stops a real fun after midnight to right imparted day that we live via yeah I mean yeah.