Monday, August 20th


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Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points and hill. How much do you think this Space Needle window washer makes Laura article scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to and you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make you may be that big gas let's play share your salary. And everybody's got a nanny impart Clinton who is a carbon bears are mourning Manny. Our morning nanny I appreciate you being willing to share your salary he was a lot of us out there that one in which you guys in the trades make. Oh yeah yeah it demo and it imparts. Who I like the way he's being evasiveness and announce interest income and a relay it give readers to low and community highs so many here's how it's gonna work. To put a minute on the clocks. Emily and I get a rapid fire much of questions you know I feel our exposure if you do have a questions that you do get to guess at the end of this if you want to jump in -- jump in our alpha rays man of iron out on somebody texted him like nation let's I mean now I'm not boxing you out all down minute clarity it is only admitted to do a good question is probably better than half the questions that I ask are smarter and I and we all know that. So one minute on the clock. You ready Emily I'm ready I'm happy kicking off here here negotiate your salary was mainly carbon there go. And media are you part of the unions. How long have you been a carpenter Manny. About seven years you get paid hourly or salaried. Did you have to become or were you an apprentice to become this carpenter that you are now. Are you self employed. No are you to breadwinner in your family. Let. Me I think you album on commercial or residential jobs. Commercial and run do you work within a big crew. Got sick people. Read the boss of those people. I don't. Yeah I know I've completely out of questions backpack have been getting incher at this. Yep they do. Get a ball well covered many got a big hammer. And I. And one more question do you really is. I don't know would have but I kind of blanked out on questions for permanent government. And all right so it's. Taylor Mandy you're awesome by the way give us a couple of minutes to come up with our guesses who goes first down on me so yes are you yesterday we all guests and then Manny will share his salary coming up and about four minutes stand by man. Welcome back do you share your salary on the phone with us is Manny from park when he is a carpenter and before we guess what. We think he makes a year annaly let's run down all of his answers to our question. I say he's a part of the union he gets paid our real me he is not self employee he's been a carpenter for seven years and had to apprentice for it he does commercial work. He is the bread winner yet that. I live Manny would move when I asked you that why did you laugh. He goes back. But I can't and that is that any more information isn't it could be sludge you get to make the call Booth and I know why he giggles now learn that these guys. Yeah I mean why did you giggle and ask if you're the breadwinner. I gave it oh. Okay that's kind of what I thought I'm innocent and and I kind of I okay to just hand me down now. I confirm me Ernie he gets full insurance and he is the boss of sixty. Emily you get to guess first before Manny here's his salary with us what do you think he makes a tank and Errol. 83000. 83000 that your next. All right based on the fact. That he is union. He is in charge of the bunch of people and in. The construction game in this town isn't seen right now is tough he is. Also been at the same place is and I'm gonna go big I'm gonna go a 125000. Dollars and also go back to Friday man we had a union plumber who made hundredth one right and I think a carpenter can do a little better and a plumber no offense plumbers are OK even if you're number one and number two business. I'm gonna say a 125000. Dollars. Joseph a man out at second guessing myself OK I thought he said he was not in charge of six people six people underneath him I yeah that you guys are both saying that some of them and I base my my Greek I'm changing my guests I'm gonna go how many go 95. Okay originally your thinking I would think it's 75. All right Manny be made your way lying and if you're ready sir. It's time to share your salary many parts of what do you make of the card. All right well you read that quote utter. It's. I tell you live I am getting good in a very awkward conversations I'm social now does the G back in the lead mad as I and it's seven fled to ice up. I'm quitting and his an adequate I need to go beat carpenter. Well that's your own I think you're gonna quit playing Syria I got an idea actually quitting my job and hold all the they Manny really appreciate you listening to the morning wolf back in more than that bro thanks for being willing to share your salary ruinous. Oh. Hey who's our place and congratulations on killing it by the way a 126000. Dollars a year and and we're all little bit jelly here this morning rely anybody.