Monday, August 20th


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Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points and he'll. How much do you think this Space Needle window washer makes horrible article scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to do it or not supposed to ask someone how much money they make may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Because we don't wanna know what everybody else makes for a living but it's never okay ask until now. Let's say hi to Tiffany she's against this morning don't exhibit eight. That morning a creativity is a dump truck driver for Waste Management in Seattle and by the way. She's the only female lead dump truck driver in the NW Tiffany that means you're at the top of the top your top gun your Miramar back for what you do. Yes there are gonna call you viper. I don't know I get a part in Tulsa and buy for top gun atop that I maverick director. Sent a back up he got to send him back up the viper was a guy that training get okay Goss was the co pilot may have its okay sorry. Tiffany this yet. First of all thank you for calling in and being willing to share your salary for a let's do that we're gonna pull one minute on the clock and asking many questions as we can hopefully they'll be irrelevant questions. And and never law taking guess okay Tiffany. Off as Emily are you ready I'm ready both Tiffany are you picking up garbage at people's houses. I pick up recycling in and presidential candidate I. How long have you been doing the stiffening. In past years are you a part of the union. Yet okay do you get there was less and you got a good race. About it until. You get paid hourly or salaried and hourly do you even noticed the smell anymore. Actually it and it went pretty clean it's true I mean let it. Heal and get paid more being a lean. Okay can you recycle pizza box is even though they had cheese on sometimes good question I. I don't believe any of it and then again it. Jordan way succumbed compact yet yet not try it all started heavily over you can you recommend this stop and others. Yes that is less and you get a new car. India. You get paid overtime. Coach. OK that. So all the time we have for the questions give us a few minutes call two minutes and 45 seconds ticked you come back well guess what we all think you make for a living negotiate your salary is a sound good. OK we love you love it here. Welcome back to share your salary because we all wanna know what everybody else makes for a living programmer and ask until now. On the phone we got Tiffany Tiffany who lives in Kansas. She is a dump truck driver for Waste Management Seattle she's the only female lead dump truck driver what else do we know Wembley before we take a guess of what she mixes. Part of the union she's been diminished after three happy years since get paid hourly thinking it over time. And she does get more paid more being a lead and she picks up recycling in residential areas. And it apparently there's this picture pizza boxes and compost which. I always thought that was the press I don't know how to code activity here to go ahead confirm that pizza boxes go in the compost the yard waste. Yes I okay that's the Greenland okay out by the way not that this is really important but the overall classification. I've got ten wins emily's got ten Winslow Joseph bring in a career worst seven but I feel like I haven't wanted to really long time no use without a think charged leave and then you ask who stated went out to art all right so Emily you won the last you gonna go first what you think Tiffany makes for a living image to share herself irate at Miguel there just hasn't been in the job without Ron I'm outfit without. Okay. I believe that makes me go next with your ten wins. I'm gonna say based on what we've learned and I forget his name but a really nice Fella who cleans the honey bucket port of bodies for a living. I'm gonna say 85. Because I don't think the demand is high. But I do think this is a specialized job and she'd be in the only woman she's the top of her game. Probably go 85 on the on the high side smug joke I'm gonna go 62060. Day let's find out if you are ready why did somebody who is mine do Durham manager in her own thing are you ready tip negotiate your salary. Yeah about an hour activity how much do you make do what you do. Nanny now than me yeah. It's. I had no Greg is. You brown. Well in this is the education that's come and we share your salary starting picked up some clues I don't know how your guys are and I am letters in ninety grand Matty here but everywhere I. After you know we are gonna lose slow Joseph yeah I know serious allergy. We appreciate to do what you do for 5000 dollars here. If her. Did he thank you for sharing your salary and congratulations on May get really and I rather than any health. And today and I very very attic. It made yet any special plans to celebrate. I don't know how to count upon a little extra validity of that city but I can't have severe weather and there are a semiautomatic you can do agree under the table I know that straight right. Remember she likes tequila do I gonna make you Metairie of one day Tiffany yes. Hey happy very day we live via thanks to be a part of the show thank you.