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Tuesday, November 14th

The Morning Wolfpack - Tuesday November 14th, 2017


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He did you. I think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not this view then you 100 point 70 look. It's the morning wolf back happy Tuesday manic counting your producer Joseph is over there and welcome to another day and hopefully. Everybody survived the wins last night to crazy storm. And I'm sitting here reading an article I didn't realize that I knew. That. About a 100000 people in this area lost power last night but the all kinds of accidents I mean there was even a fatality to get too serious but. Threes were falling over on people and cars. It was bad. Indian and yet I know I just period. He knows probably about 7:6 o'clock last night the house we had some wind in Issaquah but nothing too bad that the lights were flickering and pass something you know. Campfire backyard and we know he's amid a tense. I see where this is going. But it never got that bad habit he go every once in awhile I mean you it you know it was an outside. The deal him but every once in awhile like the building which ran on fell Baghdad Bellic. Lightning struck the building that figures to see the aggressively it. Yet in Port Orchard a fifteen year old girl was seriously hurt when a tree fell on her mobile home she was trapped inside for awhile. In now Bellevue. Medics had a free woman who's trapped in a car when a tree fell across the eastbound lanes of I ninety lies are freeway baby I know Randy who worked on a station for a long time and now has over just across the hallway he had a huge massive oak tree or something in his yard Allah. It just came out right the roots I'm not surprised giving so wet. Yeah it with a wind blows I can see believes you for treated blow over cat apparently doesn't blow that off yet downtown Seattle Joseph your good class was falling from buildings since it's the heated up. You know that happens skyscrapers and wind blows out windows some time this dangerous our building was was moving I went down to its records yesterday morning. And I'm in the hallway right activate window is by the elevators. And the whole building was act and I thought it was an earthquake for segment which is the wind like moving the building they were on the fourteenth floor here in downtown ended groans like middleman aperture. In Bellingham the tree fell into a dorm room at Western Washington University. Static and run through all the you know we were supposed to go out yesterday our mug club call which by the we will do another 1 this morning at 610. Was to ride the ducks in Seattle is that amphibious vehicle attacks him on about a ninety minute tour of you know the town Eagle Lake union. And then they reached out to us about 9 AM in Sydney we cancel all the tourist today is. You're the wind's blowing fifty miles an hour so we're gonna go tomorrow we had to cancel that that was our big sacrificed yesterday I think to get to go on duck and now finds. Gusts reached 68 miles an hour on queen Anne hill according to a private weather station and that's crazy that I but I you know just check in the listing for today and it looks like the store at least the wind part of it is kind of moved on target and saying at least. According to like my app but this afternoon should be kind of like partly cloudy and dry in the wings twelve miles an. Vegas I'll take down all day thing. Let's see today going to be coming up more Timothy tickets coming up with them beat the street yesterday. Our beat the street contestant went four for five C got to bring your a game at seventy got to be ready you never know sometimes they fall short sometimes they just cranking out of the park in retirement the street people yes yes and Evernote the ligament is only here to bag into the front survive yet period advocates interfaith tickets to sold sold or common to Seattle and saliva no more tickets for its seventy and I mentioned mug club we get angry email to get to from some guy who speak in the storm. Was doing God's work on a five last night man at a local hero and I would almost go ahead and call him an Angel. Strossen greatly haven't ruled that the company. There appears to have but really we're gonna explore that in them maybe give some love to local on the call this guy a local hero and unsung hero the nobody's willing to give any attention I agree with average listening arena pretty out this call is now and it's great that. That this particular woman sent us the evening grass so we're gonna we're gonna do our best to on that. Art why you looked early that's who wanna know right now it's great calls yesterday that prison guards. And hopefully it's great stuff. What was the other airlines announced revenue raiser. Actors you can Balladur had 20642 on wolf is the number why are you early especially it's a little bit interesting bit is that who cares let's connect morning wolf pack to a 6421 wolf. Delegate good morning wire you up early. How are really or to be airports Seattle. Operations to write what you had to go out there yet. So add urgency DI scenery one of the guys it sprays the planes when he gets tackled yet they do hey that's cool man that's an important job. They they pay a pretty good for that. All of they've actually moved the come out here well I must pay sucked in right Jake. Of course Jacque appreciate you being a part of the morning wolfpack are writing to take a nap. I will do embody and let's idea Nicole and snow Kwame what are you doing up early. I had to be my act I have a eight. Hey hey hey that's a great reason to be her. Yet he came to meet honorary on T well well sir united earth. Like he could. So are you to be in the delivery room. I don't know yet I don't get didn't eat there I don't know mommy and haven't currently on our daughters right now aren't all bill. Press that Al bullet black and build. And they are highly. Obesity is at their first baby. There are eight yes there are OK okay she's been through some foursome that's why she's having some friends around she's not that nervous that's a good thing. Yeah yeah. And well sounds like that's so exciting now what time it. Is there any is it a C section or is it just natural. I keep thinking eat it expands the wheel in a lot of labor is it. I'm not hurt it did on right now. Attempt at well I will say haven't been through a few times myself I know that he gets easier if it's not your first one. Yeah yes a that's what the that's what the experts say well in the cold and as the US news and world praying for everything healthy and happy ending just have a wonderful day that is such ship. A moment to be animal almost jealous and so special. But. Please do TI tell everybody here at the wolf is thinking about it today in just to try to enjoy it. It. All the BC really. I only have to call back you know give us her number so we can call her to swisher congratulations. I would also really every eighth air and ornament in Tacoma to put on hold in now which to give that number to Joseph enemy can definitely return maybe. Tomorrow or the next day when things come down a little bit for. Sure all right hello once second goal thanks so much. Good morning welcome back it's Alastair in. Our mind. That they want my. It's Matt McAllister the morning wolfpack if you missed it over the weekend you probably did it was a story really cool kind of veterans day related about a guy named Scott strand in Lacey Washington. He was an Applebee's with some buddies of his and motorcycle club we just got back from Afghanistan. And they were have a good time and yeah when he went to pay the bill. Somebody at RD take care reform and it was a big bills 300 dollars. And we were able to track him down and talk to him. They Scotty there. Yeah 8 AM great man listen now before we get started that's wanted to sail heartfelt thank you for your service and you just got back from Afghanistan and everybody here at the bulls honors our military as much as humanly possible so thank you. For your service okay yeah absolutely appreciate the support of course meant so have you had any luck finding the nice couple that paid to 300 dollar tab. Now what you know at this point I think whereas if there is gonna look. Can you stand on the com Alicia tocchet did have the opportunity but I think. I think the story eventually. Has reached them and maybe that is my way of giving them a thank you. I think that's probably right and if they paid for your checks without any acknowledgment they're not gonna come up later and ask for its. I think. One of the most rewarding things to do is to do something really kind and generous to somebody and not take credit for that feeling is way better than raising your hand and say I did that. Absolutely absolutely and I think that's just you know obviously you know I didn't give him. Now I'm gonna pay it forward. You when your your fellows from the motorcycle club your year. What Canada that apple be easily see how did this topic don't that you were a veteran. The there there exe is sitting like right across the aisle from. And I guess someone just casually mentioned like what ball from in Afghanistan something like that and it mostly just overheard it and then. That he decided to pay for the heroes is absolutely insane. The manager came on actual real ordered and told us that they paid and I'd like to thank you actually they left about you know talent and this sort of I sort of ever all of us thank them repeatedly how many people read your group we had about 1520 of us. And that's why news. So surprising and kind of covered everything bike and we still had my dad put into it hit for them you know is. A something like that hopefully shows you how much we appreciate what you do. Absolutely yeah it Yahoo! I didn't expect anything you know none of us are entitled good. Killian who are now where are entitled to anything and disaffected they did that is just absolutely couldn't sit. He had Scott you know when I get together with ten or fifteen in my buddies in word Applebee's drink beer for most people though by our tab they want us to leave. Yeah yeah we were and we were actually joking about that we're like man we're expecting it like to get complaints another. You know not have someone paper bill also. Al makes it even better you guys didn't get tossed out somebody takes a future action did you make a visual of the couples are you know what they look like. I knew it was. You know the system analyst and host and a good thing is they didn't say anything to us. In our effort at about anything it just shows me that they were very humble because they didn't say anything about it they have. Obviously haven't come forward yet and told me but. I think play at second to thank you just reach them so. Yes I'm think it's a two and Scott thanks for taking the time to talk to us today it's this great story in and welcome home. Absolutely hate thank you so much have a great day. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister. Sent him 100 points. And Clinton in a row good morning sir wire you up early. To Narveson yeah how long gone to look at the emergency were thought that you visited a man everything blew over last night. Oh the bush you know it will build a busy night last night for a new. Well I can only imagine yankees you actually save any of these trees that blow over and land on houses and cars in the center. Not really want their blood lover at a lot of other Sunnis seamer in your hero you're headed out the chainsaw the Eldorado and yeah a tree and well here right now that spill over on yeah I did not really insurance companies. You know I read about that in the news I was kind of running through all of the storm damage last night and it specifically talked about that I think it's the same tree probably. Yet there was a tree that went into a dorm room Monica car on a mobile home all over the Seattle area. Yeah our hospital told earlier last night but let it get especially hurt today hopefully. Well I get a that is going to be busy clinch the beast say for your goggles. You know it fire the chainsaw man and have a great day. Thanks for being a part of our show and for calling Clint we appreciate you. Oh thank you. He just doesn't like talking to what are your listeners and you look over in your producers supposed to be your backbone or support system is at pointing at you and laughing it's your kid you David tree that both he says I'm an emergency three rescue I'm thinking when you're an emergency three guys your arbor they're trying to put the tree back delightfully. Or that's. You have a shot up really is the that they showed up Joseph. And I realize sometimes I say dumb things are okay evidence it's done its comes replacing plump. I'd hey before we jump to our mug club called by the way today's call is going to a bar. We're gonna have to stop by their personally as a thank you that'll be a problem and I saw this this morning news this is this but this and the random is you know what category. But I haven't thought about pay phones and a really long time in fact whenever I see a pay phone. Kind of stop and look at it that why you tyra the most useful pay phone in the world where it I don't know. What will what useful pay phone is there was there a nother round on a pay phones in general look at so there was an article this morning it came from vice dot com but just two years ago they did a running tally of all the pay phones across the United States America. The gold mines. They made a total of 286 million dollars which means. They make about 236. Dollars per year which means every pay phone in America there's somebody using it every single day at least a couple times a day. I just heard a story here's one it's like it that base camp of some ridiculously remote mountain where people die. And it's like a lifeline to people use all the time and they're taking it away for their half of one life I thought that I says they go only use the table and that really needs to be there they're taken away. That's funny I wonder if there's anybody listening who actually still uses a pace. Probably eyesight felonies and no arcades I saw one camera was rests on an almost one of them on the use it just because remember that. It's kind of like the stranger things missed Alger. Like you that's why I love that show is because you watch that show it just takes you back to a time that was so simple. Before technology would you had to go like ride your bike to meet your friends to go play in the park yet know somebody's number you're gonna have what you used pay phones that that was a time which dvd recorder and an M remember never have an accorsi got to be collect phone. And I know if you're thirty years all he had no idea what I'm talking about it a bit if you could call the operator in you illiteracy I need to make. Collect phone call and then they would call the person and say would you accept. This phone call which I. What is it Joseph between 78 to 83 that's when you were born yet okay before this is the most random break we've ever done that. But again if you are somebody they're randomly uses a pay phone I'd love to know why to a 6421 wolf. Now on another episode mouth. You love and remember to get your most newest really easy just go to Seattle dot com check out. The low club the mug shots the address is right there we look to get coffee mug from wherever it is that you work. And we can celebrate you. Bring it together morning wolf back you don't talk about. That's got to box here reopened its morning. Beautiful coffee mug from Jimmy's on first which if you don't know is a far right down there by the stadium. I don't first. Customer Jimmy's on Broadway or by those lay out their open at six. Commuter college you're purchases just that the business said Jeff Kelso. Yes sir with the speed boot tapper on Twitter pray fit and you got to ask. They add depth as Matt McAllister gone from the wolf are you buddy Jerry does what do brave men listen I was calling because we really appreciate you sending over you know the good docs from Jamie's there was a couple of coffee mugs and join the mug club. I asked us so department put that together toward the end I was very nice man now what do you do down attention easier bartender. Yes sir. Actually gestures stories and Joseph and I were actually downtown for the GE T convention in a couple of weeks back and we saw Jimmy's on first and we walked in with a point I could remember your first name's. In I didn't wanna say hey unmanned McAllister from the wolf and act like I was some kind of big deals so we backed out of their but I and I remembered it at the moment when a company got a drink from there and understand that you are in this test. He political attention during a little little. You're the country guy yeah Phillies there all right Jeff Joseph and arrogant of him in their what are we drinking. Sales back sooner than. Now tell me remind you look who's in juvenile fashion because only ever knows after I have one or two of those I don't remember much else. Welcome south suburban and do a lot to cherry or. Bidders and the altar. I sent the there was a couple of different types of alcohol and it's just urban dance just nervous Clinton this is Google fashion whether Jimmy we're gonna come down Syria. If you want on it. Sounds dangerous right thing Hannity Cindy going down next thing you know your past out of park somewhere if you want to. We'll listen Jeff will definitely have to coordinate this because I don't see a mug club member at a bar is always gonna be good thing. Too much for. I'd Geoff Willis appreciate you buddy thanks for being part of a mug club and thanks to listen thanks representing Jimmy's on first down there clearly welcome again the yeah it'll run on thank you Jeff and I were up and reduce. A morning miles and Alex rate and these here and 100 points. Though wolf this morning wolfpack what's up Matt McAllister here Joe's over there I cannot believe it is almost Thanksgiving factory next week. I just a little bit far removed from that world right now and I'm I love Thanksgiving. I absolutely love. I do it too because instead of the most noncommercial all the holidays is about family and get together and Rembrandt and drink some wine and you do is really the emphasis is on famine which is why element. However I don't buy wanna be hustled around more than one Thanksgiving dinner per year. Just blew my mind this morning's Boston market released a new study. They say that if you go to one Thanksgiving dinner like we have one in our house parents come in town it's pretty simple grass. You're in the minority. Most people go to look on average one point seven Thanksgiving dinners or meals this year. So most people are going to more than one past period. Exactly and 30% of the people are stressed about how complicated it is to juggle all the different places they have to be on Thanksgiving I never thought Thanksgiving is stressful. Sticky heat you sit on your keys are they on but your hands in your fat injured. Like you know some of the every falls asleep watching football yeah I've never had a host this and maybe that's part of the stress that I at figures attending it's pretty pretty easy. I can't speak to it because Vanessa does all the cooking and she's wonderful but it's not that stressful of a meal to prepare either means Turkey deal as a you can get it wrong but. You know most the stuff is pretty simple used to get the oven and you get it on course I'm gonna get skewered for saying that and I'm not the one coconut English turn it up all the that's true. So about a quarter 25% of people are gonna go to a friend's giving dinner. Up 5% of people heated restaurant for at least one of those Thanksgiving dinners. But the part of it that really blew my mind is if you only go to one Thanksgiving anymore you are in the minority most people are going to too I don't know. A UPD any more food in one sitting back that's breakfast lunch and dinner at seems ridiculous I can't think of anybody I thought my and it goes to more than one Thanksgiving have you ever been a more than one now. And I admire honest feeling like a loser if I go to one I'm doing pretty good because a lot of years and today well. Indeed it radio sometimes you're in a city where you and your family is an Afghan yeah I get that too. Here's what I wanna. Little big here. All right usein bowl bid to. Is there anybody listening right now no we didn't get anybody to call and we still use that Pathon so Mosul one but is there anybody listening right now the goes to three or more. Thanksgiving. Dinner yes three. Well I'd do it through his career and I think if if if everybody to 50% of Americans are going memorial we're gonna get that call for a I'm wanna stretch it out a little bit I want to go big. This morning wolf affecting Joseph. It's hates it its fate is set the bar pretty active I don't courses are set the bar pretty guys. I was as the wolf a cast that if anybody listening. It's going to three while Mike Hart. 20642. And we'll all know it's going to theory or drawer that I guarantee you there is one person listening that's going to three or more even Tuesday. I don't know you go to one early ninety you know 10 AM and you go to 1 o'clock here in Indiana 4 o'clock wraparound. Effect. But you were also how many hedge my bet a little bit girls are more than welcome to call after going to tear. Okay what I'm looking for. I'm going for the banger here three or more from all Ian Kinsler back to a 6421. Walt only mean hang in wolfpack. Hello Kenneth inland would it now tell me you're going three or more Thanksgiving dinners this holiday you know while our autumn. You go to for. Help okay break that down forming whose houses are you going to a house and all gonna work out. I'm out our work my actions were cured but it at all early morning actually put our. Jet brought up earlier apps or dinner we have it around and okay overrule early developer. And we just speaker stepped it up and not much Politico. How another general. And look downed cattle while they're out out off OK Robert or general I don't like I'm I'm a mosque. Outlook or general hurt me and her ankles or. Still how is that even possible. That you can eat that much so there's no way I mean you must have to Eads is like barely graze at each meal. You know happened on the way but he saw mill yeah. More than I thought we all thought. Yale where you are out. Kenneth that's fantastic for Thanksgiving and and I love you for checking in thank you for being a part of the morning wolfpack but on the move along here because I got destiny in Graham. Destiny York claiming you gonna five Thanksgiving dinners. This year out right then how does in scene where there are whose houses are you going to. So bought my parents are divorced and both my boys transparent to divorce and then ninth. Portrait has grandparents I don't know how to count so I have to go to mom's my dives in mom's kids out of an egg. Grandparents. Oh my god I am exhausted even thinking about that so you're also in this 30% of people that's really stressed about Thanksgiving. Ali it's literally had to charge and I. Nationally we at least I don't play Q harsh critic I could have and what would happen if you didn't show up somewhere I mean they would be ultimately very disappointed. REI no it would just cheers and I'd. Hope that's amazing destiny I think you're going to be our reigning Thanksgiving champ. And so you don't want to put on hold wanted Joseph to get your number I wanna check in with you the Monday after Thanksgiving NC tomato fox arrives. OK okay and also I want you to weigh yourself. Before during and Wednesday before and the Friday after I wanna know pound for pound to what's your foot not include. Okay all right all right hold on a minute here they appreciate you checking in that's fantastic. Let's go to Alyssa in this evening here. I'd just goes to Syrian Q well just to prove that I was right how many Thanksgiving dinners you don't hear. I'm kinda short so crazies now we have two people don't know four and one person on a five whose houses are you going to. I'm gonna I'm on the outs and it yeah I had that other grandparents house. Going to my aunt's house and they'll add it in other stats right. It's amazing I now imagine the coordination of all that was probably a full day of conversation. I ask me. At that time were going bad it's dark from one place. Or way out. And then hit out of place if you're away. That's amazing Sara good luck Thanksgiving I'll be thinking about him. Already answered UT takes a beautiful autumn morning wolf back. Well I believe this I believe Boston market I think the numbers are right and Joseph. Tell me there were plenty people the go to three or more a right time yet that's crazy that is absolutely ridiculous. I hate to say that your mind yet what are you gonna do next time that you doubt me when I wanna go day you know that I'm gonna cash it exists. I should make it a challenge. If you thought. Well morning well like thank you that's amazing and honestly I do wanna check in with destiny on Monday after things shattered our five estimates. The morning and needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts but doesn't help until than a dollar all here's Matt McAllister. You 100 points. It's no war also morning wolf pack on Matt McAllister Joseph is over there and got a tweet from dead ears she's his tape. What's going on with such shows dog she was listening yesterday Joseph we're talking about your dog it. Having an episode in need surgery how hard that was by the way if you don't know and you might not Joseph is a animal lover above and beyond and he likes dogs more than he likes people. And which he's already nor easy but it's called I think a lot of people like that they prefer their pets to actual people who so most people of the most people. Thank you for asking actually just got off face time with Sophie and she has got OV home. He had asked huge surgery it went really really well. He had to stay overnight in he's got a big old scar in the game what happens again. You're like check your phone I just say you what happened okay. It's I got to get in here. Passwords and what you're looking at. Holy hell what is that looks like it did animal that is it's two and a half. Pound to Meredith. For his sprawling. Which is now. That is. 22 and a half pounds two and a half so trying to figure out what would waste two and a half pounds OK compare it to a pumpkin. I don't know but this thing it's the size of like it GI and if that sect. I don't know like cow's heart or something really mass it. But the good news is it was summer is operable we don't know for about a week of its cancerous or not that year I mean either way you know obviously we hope. Does not the case but he's going to be fine for help while you know it looks like. That looks like dark stranger things he doesn't like our fourth revolts in the legs Kia have decided it began by day you know he's doing so while he's home. He's super happy that everything went his. Perfect is that possibly it isn't that amazing that they can go in those first of all that something like this could grow inside of Bradley your I was imagining your dog is gonna feel so. Knew it as seriously like he he may be jumping and dunk a basketball I now he can't throw weight got to keep them down but honestly I can you imagine having to run around that thing in the stomach and he was like happy is healthiest Dolly's a 100% in perfect health other than that. So I ages it was amazing to me that only twice did he show any symptoms of anything being wrong you know kind of reminds me of sometimes there's those stories you read the news about women you don't know their pregnant fray until they're like having a baby he has felt like he couldn't this there was no visual physical sign this thing was in there it was just. It's amazing and I was in his yesterday thank god for pants you know for people that she's that prevention. And it can do these surgeries you know yeah that. Pretty amazing well and I remember you know this happened to us and our dog and art I was ten we had a really expensive for thousands of dollar surgery that we could before we just put it on credit card. Because you thinking I was thinking practically before it happened. And I told an SS additionally we spend as much money and a ten year old thought. And it happens and it's almost like you don't have a choice act of course you're gonna do this again we lay your guardian for your dog down under let him die now noticed and you don't have a choice and it always happens say to it the worst time like. You're in the process of moving every news Seattle there's no extra money that's not always happen on the hardest part about it which is being so far away like I again thank god bless Sophie she's there and able to handle all of this from. From the first diagnosis to getting it taken care of and I'm just sit here like. Completely helpless completely heartbroken sad yet happy ending. Our worst he's going to be up here about a month and math I can't I can't stop looking at this disgusting picture of whatever this early and yes it's it's disgusting now it's crazy with so it's been. Yes prayers for opinion and unity community if that's even a word. Here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolf the morning wolf pack Matt McCallister hit the pavement with. Jack could be history. And Marci and five welcome to beat the street how are you today I don't married. Out and that he eighty obviously you're excited to wince intimidate tickets for July oh yeah. It added did you happen to see CBS Sunday morning they did an interview Tim and faith they talked about the dynamics of their relationship no I did it look chicken and if he can't she can find it somewhere it was really interesting because. States Phil admitted that she likes to fight with Tim think she enjoys those moments where she gets to push his buttons and get them all riled up and I'm thinking to myself how that's not normal in an element. No I'd I'd do not like to prefer is under appeal that let you know I don't think so she is shy away from a good scrap but neither one of us enjoy it. You or I'm saying I got it got the right all right let's get to hear before we find out we you're gonna play on the streets. Let's get TVs five questions are gonna have thirty seconds so get thermos quickie she can. Are you ready Marcy. I'm ready alright then here we go. The sale what was prohibited in the United States during prohibition. In which 1982 horror film video and Heather O'Rourke famously announced their teaser act. What is the name of the protective outer layer on trees you expect. What does CD and a stand or. Continue to get those. What number is famously associated with Seattle Seahawks fans. Down in see who you gonna be playing on the street then we'll get to find out how you did as well with these five questions. On gas and on the server cool. OK he's a surfer originally from Hawaii old owners that pays the bills meeting Marcy. And he would credit stepping yeah. On my. OK here we go question number one the sale of why it was prohibited in the United States during prohibition. No but luckily for use you did it was in fact alcohol Marcy so your of one and then yes. Your of one another and on Sean it's a great start. Question number two in which 1988 through horror movie that young Heather O'Rourke famously announced their year. I don't know is that that's. The game was not a new movie it was poltergeist. All know that you said the shining which was incorrect Coulter Geist is when he you know built the course the subdivision on top of a graveyard. You know I. I've never seen it and they'll let me get a movie. You know that's a classic battles that'll hold up if you went back and watch it would probably be pretty cheesy but says the F probably OK listen you're still up one to nothing on Sean NEA let's go to question two victory what is the name of the protective outer layer on trees. RT got it right so did you you've still got a two to one advantage on Sean the server heading into question number four. What does the Akron and CNA stands for. Fighting. Fighting in correct CMA stands for you knew it Marcy Country Music Association night. A baby. So according to mine man you have got three. Our friend Sean surfer has won let's do question number five here we go what number is famously associated with Seattle Seahawks fans. Don't know. You don't know that it's time to go back to Hawaii shown. It is of course number twelve Marcy you get it right you go four for fire. Okay. The dominated corporate bond that's so good. I'm RC daily to meet you in July I think have been a part of the morning wolf that it. Happened that McAllister as an progress. These guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points. What's up it's Matt McAllister and you can always reach me via email if you want to match at Seattle's dot com. Had enough money not be honestly on the new kid at the table I get it. But I come last night that blew my mind a little bit and as you know we had a crazy storm high winds 5060 miles an hour. Everything went a little nuts less than a 100000 people lost their power. So this emails from Kristy she says hey at last at about 7:30 PM and a wind and rainstorm approximately thirty or more people including myself and a very large hole that happened to open up on the I five southbound. Near the highway sixteen interchange. Nobody could see it to avoid it because it was dark and stormy in the state patrol was trying to find the cause of why so many people have flat tires. Well as I hated it immediately might tire went flat and I look for a place to pull over and I realized. That I was one of many people who flat tires all pulls over. I called my husband told them I was gonna try to get the tire changed I then got everything out to change it briefly got to know my card to straighten the tires. Is I got back out a tall young man said with a smile hey would you like some health. I say sure but first I thought he might be a tow truck driver but easy meltdown of the game changing my tire in the driving wind and rain and again ask him some questions like. If he was almost always denied and about an hour ago I live in Rochester but I work in Seattle. He said that he had also hit the same hole he also had a flat and then he would change and decided to go along and see how many people he could help out. Mine was the sixth tire this young man had already changed. And he'd already had a really long day he was soaked from the rain yet he went along this long line of cars tired cold wet with a huge smile on his face trying to see. How many other drivers he could help. When he finished my tyrant told my wish that I could pay him but I didn't have any cash in the sweet Hiro said I'm not doing this for money I'm doing it to help people. And then he said don't chewed did you say you work and hospital I suggest he symbol then consider this my thanks. I paid him with a big hug and many things he continued on down the line of cars. I know his name is Alex he works as a fuel for Puget Sound energy in Seattle the lives in Rochester. I would love for him to be recognized for helping somebody people. After a long day at work changing the tires of strangers in miserable conditions. And then still with a long drive home ahead of them. He's an amazing young man for changing. Organs are she's his he's our tire changing here. That's pretty awesome. That's more than awesome and I I think about that and if I'm being completely honest I don't know fund that kind of awesome I'm a pilot's I'd be selfish and I wanted to get home to take hot shower and have a beer in his guys out there. It's it's miserable I feel like I would want to do that I just don't know if I can do it competently. I can't change if you tires in my day but I'm also kind of like. Damage the frame of my car alternative. It's not that difficult nine but Pei Christy is actually on the phone right now hey Christie and sped away Dario. We just read your email what an amazing story. And I think when people start to get down because of that we watch the news I'm always looking dollars and negative stuff all the time. Can remember people are still inherently good and there's people like this out their all over the place. Absolutely aside billions he recognizes me I'm not gonna lie I was struck an adult sized Mitt knows nothing. And I would be to be. But he understood that I give an amazing like I don't look so touched by his. Active service there in fact that you had gotten has been out for how long is so tired by the road. And it's certainly what the other guy doesn't have been thought out well wild. So he needs McDonnell on jeans a retired. You know our brief conversation you know I thought I don't have a lot I'll need it so I noticed it a blog thought. Don't know if it's blowing and cold air was doing that you all stranger and they're just just a cult. You know I would love to find Alex I really would it in more than that this is never gonna happen but. I'd like to meet his parents did you gotta believe parents did it right. I'm a mom on the planet don't enjoy my idol. I you don't write that that my. Two years. Meat suit like this is the kind of human being you wanna produce. Absolutely well Christie I'm gonna put it out down I I took a risk your right to to gamble and Joba against me and Joseph lost that I couldn't find somebody. Who's going to more than three Thanksgiving we found in a gay couples who want a five Thanksgiving dinner so. Honor roll the dice here because I would love for anybody that knows how does he probably won't call blow outs to blow up Alex. I got you fumble it like LIR you know I don't want all the bank bag yeah he did her bit. Absolutely he does so Alex if you're listening call and just accept a little bit of a thank you some gratitude for some people you helped last night and if you know Alex blow him up. 206421. Wolf is our number. I'd love to get out a UK he had so large out here that I know guys I doubted you last time I you know what Christiane but this is the kind of guy that listens to country music I guarantee it. I've got serious guy out here on man I gotta go below the habit that you make him and they can get the things out there and and anybody can do we can do Christie we love you thanks for sharing that story OK you guys they appreciate it. All right Alex 206421. Wolf the clock is taken my man. We've got to assure leaned in Graham on the phone now Sharlene how are you today. Do a fantastic if you are just joining us we read an email a minute ago fantastic email from Christie. She said she was driving home less than an F five apparently be pothole opened up and everybody who had it was getting flat tires. And there was some mystery superhero kid. Walking down this road cars all the people will flat tires helping them change their flats in the rain pouring rain the wind he still had an hour to drive home to. And Charlene all we know about this kid is his name is Alex and he works at Puget Sound energy got any leads. I don't now why exactly. And I think he's an energy. So I don't know if I can find out they then. Definitely eat it at the recognition. Amazing. I agree that and I was talking to Joseph second ago and I think just hearing whether we get all the member not hearing the email and hearing what he did. Hopefully we'll inspire somebody else to think a little bit differently when that situation happens 'cause. I'll be honest I'm think in the calculate to get home and take a shower and have some dinner as opposed to wonder how many other people like it help right now so here's an I'd like to do Charlene. It's if you can help us find this kid wanna give him hometown holiday tickets if we can get him. And these tickets were not given a way they're for sale only that I'll find the pair do whatever I have to do but I think a guy like that. Who just did something so unselfish. Deserves a little something like that so December 13 I'm sure you've heard of the concert Dustin lynch Michael Ray big and rich Christian Hanson. Middle and it's good thank you Joseph you're optimistic it's going to be awesome. It's going to be so much fun and I would love to have this guy up with a pair of tickets if you if you could help push Charlene. That would be fantastic and I think with the morning wolfpack rally together listen we found people jobs. And we prompt people to go to lots of Thanksgiving dinners we can do this reclaiming this guy or are there lessons and he's and an honorary wolf pack member certainly we're gonna do a little detective work together today UN. Are out of your on anybody else can help us please to a 6421 wolf Charlie hold on a minute Darren grandma puts you which are back on hold Joe's gonna featuring itself. They wanna think about all the I'm going out there. Oh. They in no energy at that won't be old but my back. Yeah 100000. People lost power last night I can only imagine how busy guys must be today Charlene. Absolutely if they go to work out there and at an off somewhere and think about it. Yeah our house last night out and Issaquah the lights started to flicker on and off like somebody was getting electrocuted like in those old prison movies will be playing. Let's go boys this can be along ninth all right necessarily god bless in hold on a second let's get her information their Joseph candy will make this happen I know. The morning wolfpack Matt McCallister it's so funny to Joey returned the phone rings get that phone. I think it's gonna be Alex the guy from few sound energy cookies because he's a federal could stick that real quick like Canada set a something this next deal here. Who knows maybe we'll get lucky if that's Alex I'll stop what I'm doing is this superheroes changing tires last night in the wind and rain on I five south. Which by the way. I don't eat too far in that again I'm so impressed by what decision ended. The jays attire on us through it's kind of an intimidating thing to do it's not fun at all it's kind of scary cardinal by eighty miles an hour. Stated that in joke. You had to do we wanted to idea here is you know it's are you kidding I'm not getting seriously ask my hundred residents here. Again I'm so excited we have time for this we have time because right now are in in quite honestly I think hopefully some people that heard the first part of this right. Can you can hear the wrap of the so let me just. Reset quickly. I'm so are you kidding nice whereas you're messing with me man are you bigger mess around with them as I do think she totally my emotion I would I would. So we got an email from. One of our listeners Christie who said last night. Going home on my side a pothole opened up and nobody could see it because this crazy storm in car after car after car was hitting and getting flat tires she pulls over she got a flat. It she said this is nice young man was walking up and down the road cars helping everybody he could change their target RD teams like six tires. And he still had an hour ago before you can get home to Rochester. Which kind of makes his due to superhero. He says name is Alex. Any work for Puget Sound he was a fuel or Alex is this really you. Yes that is dude. I feel like hold on a minute here that I'm looking for the right. This may be sound a little bit better. Kind of the right. Superhero music fair. Did you say. My men. How did you find out that we were talking about you on the radio this morning. Com one of my way and co workers. Called me and said hey my daughter says that they're looking for a guy named Alex. He informal view that lives in Rochester. And that happens to be you last night on I five south where you walking up and down a role cars helping people change tires. Yes I was well Alex one of those women are name's Christie. She so appreciated what you did by the way she's a wanna works the hospital I think you guys had a conversation. Yes I think there are witnessing here well absolutely the people of organ hospitals and nurses the doctors. There miracle workers. But she let us know about you she's the reason that we know about you. And all we wanted to do was find you when we did to say thank you man what inspired you. Within our left to do when your commute you're cold you're wet you got a flat tire yourself what inspired you sit there and help the people. Army. SI with ducked down with all the way to had a one tire and I didn't know how to change it I would have plate if somebody would give lone wolf. We'll all on my hopes more people out. I'll argue wet and cold from changing my entire my thought he did. Alex held a guy area. All I'm point 520 fives and I'm just gonna assume that your mom and dad raise you the right way he's your guy like this with a big heart you're thinking about the people you're not thinking about yourself. I don't try not to. Alex have you ever done something like this before. Not on the biggest scale for the third how many opportunities that we needed yeah ahead how many tires do you think he changed sides that. Well we certainly. House and every time did you nail it I mean did you have one we couldn't get to lug nut off for some like that in you get every single one. There was one. Weird. There's always one though didn't have the luxury rooms tools. I was unable to help them because mine's not distinct sides. But they've changed and only changed another tired and murders happened to beat them all in all the bulk booze and change the other. Alex let me ask you fury country music fan. I am you are delisted the wolf and it doesn't matter if you don't ready to be honest. Although I do what I can get their radio station some of them okay. We are having a big concert on December 13. It's called our hometown holiday we got Dustin lynch Michael Rey big and rich Chris Janzen. Midland. Two to Minsk he who's a new guy but would the point of all this is because of what you did last night. A wanna give you appear to Greg giving away tickets everybody testified it's gonna be sold out. It's gonna be this SO show where senator Kent I'm gonna get to a pair of tickets even if I have to buy them. I was also thinking the mind you a US single guy Alex continue wrestle the date. I can I can MacBook the day I would think after this interview my guy perimeter line and up. School alum I'm not gonna Obama. Oh I got a boy even better and it's easier let's keep it on the confidence. All right Alex is an input and hold Joe's gonna take carrier get all your involvement. Say thank you for what you did last night for all those people that you helped especially you know like Christie out there by herself. No idea how to change entire. God bless you Manny did a beautiful thing. Thank you thank you rather. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. 100 points it's. The morning wolf pack that Matt McAllister that's me that's Joseph over there. The man who answered the phone and actually got Alex on. I by the way I'm still so fired up to that actually came together I know side you're on kind of normal today I'm feeling like I gotta go buy a lottery ticket but honest is not about me. It's about the morning wolfpack it's about the fact that. First of all we got that incredibly email from Christie telling us about this person changing tires for random strangers on the I five last night pretty awesome she thought of us. Well yes that's the biggest thing but I told you. I didn't know we were gonna find out it's a kind of had a feeling we will but I thought it would take a day or two but I told you and I was right. I don't know much but I know country music and I know people that listen to country music and I told you. When I read that email this morning Joyce at this guy. Is a country music and because this is what country music is all about I remember I'm kind of tired of saying you're right and the entire matter and I don't think skinny guy. Five I think he's in line and no I'm just I'm so that's the part of his job that I loved though was a family we all help each other out of we all poke each other Rutland weekend. And it was so great to be able to find Alex a guided clearly like imagine being him. You just change it you know you're doing nice things for people that don't expect the meeting next day you wake up and autonomy on the radio and and you get tickets to. Our biggest concert the the least three in there and I don't even think that comes close to making up for wage is now and have nine so throw that he's going to be hometown holiday. And I think at some point because we're going to be hosting the event. A Manila nailed him on stage I hope he drinks at thing if you look at why does that matter some good have a beer together. Graham with its fine area than I just hope that again let up for 325. Married owing get this too so I put that letter up on the Seattle will FaceBook page I was hoping that maybe you know the worldwide social underwear could help us find him. And I love though comments on there hey he's on the radio right now what an awesome thing to do. Somebody says hey I don't recall the number of my dad works with him like he's becoming cyber famous go right away and then this was the neatest part. Jacqueline. Writes on your cursor FaceBook comments this is my husband. I'm so proud of them and there's a hard and a couple of a way yeah I choked up a little bit I'd like so cool so anyway it. May be really happy to note is so this is me in the back in my brain if I'm on I five last night in the middle of a crazy storm GD tires. Think human human life but once home I think that's probably in my brain like I don't get in trouble forever be late for dinner program I don't know if kids or not. But not only was it not a thought for him she understands and who's doing now is getting rewarded for being late you know I mean these guys he's married you're here. So I look at it efforts they are I'm a big enough man to say that I think Alex is a much better men and I think he's more capable man and I am. If you don't think you handled entirety I would like to do that I just don't know if I would do more harm than game you know carrying a life look the night. This is why we appreciate Alex so much guys like our last and I got a flat tire my F 150 on the way to work I was on everywhere I called AAA half I was I got to my car. There are whizzing by an eagle eighty miles an hour and a half an inch from the tire that was on the highway side of the room and I didn't must've been my butt out there in the Miller's dark I'm sure seven out of eight people Leo last night probably would have had to wait an hour or two yards out such a busy night for your leg as a net and you may think these guys sure are celebrating astute line I think it's what it's all about men and women think about how many negative things that we dwell on every single day I am way more excited to satellite guys like Alex what do guys. Here that. Morning long. I'm still a party. Go wolf the morning wolf tags you guys are beautiful. Because gaga Alex literally for the next four hour wolf. Is there anything better and I get Agassi are intended Seattle's one of the best cities are livid if you're single okay who is not talking about that how many people got Alex how we got that story today. The morning wolfpack delivered exclusive. I am so happy to that'll came together our bus to send email he said hey talked to Ashley in our promotions department about the tickets for. He put triple A Alex so likely capital a that I'm sorry say that as it AAA licks but that's got a perfect. That's clever I will tell you though that the morning wolf pack has already been tweeting about it and had. Tagged PSE Alex is trending already the RTS down energy Alex tests cleared those Coulter is on sitting on FaceBook and am now have a conversation again if he just tuning in. And I got to reset the whole thing. We got a cool email from a listener who got some help last night from a total stranger change your tire on the five in the middle of that nasty storm any data for like six or seven people's quality of a narrow eight people. Changing tires. And he still had and how were elected his own commute. And I found I don't face that seven chatted up and his wife now who is really looking forward hometown holiday and that she's bumped up off them but they have a seven year old son. This is gonna melt your heart so after we got Alex on the radio we found this guy we hooked him up for tickets just for being a good human. His seven year old son was following him around the house today. Just telling is that how proud he was of his death. I mean come on it's fast it's fast it's. You gotta stop miles all choked up to their revenue of Kleenex in the studio and he deserves. That's really cool and I got a tweet from a wayward. The wayward neuter services. Dana I don't know. Oh you know and that is that's the that's the gal that is an an innocent beanie. Morning wolf thank being anyway she said that yesterday to just in case she didn't know was national kindness day I did hear that yes pieces I think a hash tag PSE Alex epitomizes that day that she. Actually she got a tattoo yesterday says practice kindness on national kind of thoughts. Yet it's super cool can't wait to meet Alex and hometown now on average it was getting trendy here and edit any earlier Alex that's really the reward for doing you know random act of kindness east as anybody that wants. A chance to meet the trending PS see Alex come to our own validation it's gonna be awesome regardless yes absolutely that's really easy to do guys you just mentioned it Seattle wolf dot com get those tickets today morning. The fact that McAllister. Product. You want it's only all season down the you know the new one at a point seven a little sit Simonyi wolfpack Matt McAllister by the way Jason's wife pretty looking vary pregnant last night they were at the Guns 'N Roses concerts. But she's looking beautiful probably due any day. And you might miss this but it Jason was on The Today Show this morning. At talking about Las Vegas and in those first moments when he realized what was happening. We've where your dollars or all states and really all you can hear is the music and you know let your guys that can talk to you. You know the microphones and girls that statement. So when it first happened. I thought a speaker at Paul Brown thought it does sound like crackling. Something. You know kind of looking around like what what is that trying to figure out what it is limit stopped sales apparently must got fixed so look at that thing and then. It happened again and it lasted longer the second time and so then Els actually kind of get aggravated so often delivered that the guy on the monitor got sound stages of the slate like. What is and fixes. We'll turn to look my guitar player. That run kilometers to news like let's go and my security guy was Ronald stage till tomorrow. Yes crazy day hearing him reenact that and how scary that must have been. Yet knows the pin is the first time he's talked about it I think to anyone publicly by the with a full video linked on the wolf FaceBook page you wanna check that out. Into the morning. Oh I now. 1047. Cell walls of Simonyi will Pacman McAlester early that villagers take over but throats and talked about today show my FaceBook page you wanna check it out just look for manic ouster on Monica little deep on you but today show is very special thank you. We'll see you back tomorrow at 5 AM.