Where Were You (When The World Stopped) 9/11 Attacks

Tuesday, September 11th

It's a somber day on the Lunch Party, but it's always so important to never forget. DeeLee and Wingo share where they were when the world stopped turning as Alan Jackson so eloquently sang in his song that is now entered into the Congrassional record. It's a day that changed us forever.

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The following program is presented for entertainment purposes only the people portrayed on this podcaster real and the best of our knowledge sane but bullet you be the judge. Live from the Pacific northwest in the best city in the world Seattle. It's Dili and we goes to lunch car. It is so important. To remember absolutely do you remember what you were doing when that happened. Yeah I was talking about it with Matt Hauser this morning I was working KG CS enforcement fortunate. Hat shop and my mom called me it was get ready for work and she said turning your TV and so we both watched on the phone together as the second plane hit. Blow and then adding going to do my show that day and it was literally the most difficult show that had her done. On the radio and I was so young at the time seventeen years ago and as you can imagine I just. I don't think I had the maturity to know really pull off what I was trying to pull off that day yeah but I did just field a lot of phone calls in just mostly just listen. Of people I had just moved back from Abilene Texas few Portland Oregon. And so we out we literally. It was the second day back and I was gonna go into work that day that was my first date going back to work. Management my boss calling continued help with the morning show like everybody command field calls it was a crazy day right. And you know I'd. We were unpacking and all that stuff and so I slept in nothing I didn't have to go to the radio station to about five or 6000 I got. Right well you know I came back and the phone is ringing rang and I have all these missed calls for comment box is like. You turn on the TV. Just the radio why are you all I believe dual image trying to get a hole you and so that's news and I I would like to. Totally turn on the TV and it was like. Hope it was terrific it was almost like. Being in a movie and like distance out this isn't real this is not happening. And it was just so I members go into the station as fast they can help out and it was just so. Crazy in the pandemonium that was around there and we basically opened up all day to four months for everybody to call. So I was like it turn into a talk show and I never done that so it was. It was heavy and I like you said a great phrase. If you think you didn't have maturity I didn't even got to spell that word you sleep until. So I didn't even though I was literally I had to take all those calls and it was so emotional and it was. It felt like I was on the radio for like 48 hour straight like it was just heavy duty and a. The great thing that happened after that though wing now was the way that America came together absolutely. It didn't matter what side you're on everybody was lion air American flags and everybody had that same look in there hi that look of sympathy for our fellow Americans that look of terror cabs and look. We we're in this together we share this together and we're not gonna take this that that anger that same fear everybody had that same line. Always need is also we got some really really great music around that time from Toby Keith. From Darryl Worley and mean just in Jack Allen Jack with one of the most timeless songs on the planet and it's like. Our four and a gal I hate to brag on our format but our format. Really stepped it up mammals like okay this is what America is what we are all thinking and we're gonna sing a song about this and I thought that that was amazing. Where you with a world stopped offering we're gonna play that today yes inside are hundred minute nonstop music grand. And I'll try not to cry you know all the good thing to remember now as we never wanna forget we don't wanna take this today. And just blow it off no not always treat it with a reverence yeah. Because for meat it was seventeen years ago but it feels like it was yesterday yup like I can reach out and feel that that feeling I can tap into that immediately that's why it's so. Visceral for us is because yes you'll never forget that and. Are never ever any if you go back and watch old movies were they have that skyline shot in the actual Twin Towers still there you get that feeling like you get that just overwhelming. Emotional feeling like that happened back in here that happen in our country which is crazy. So you were in Portland and I just literally two days prior I was moving from Texas back to Portland Oregon and so we can imagine when you move their stuff strewn all over the place you stay up all night. Like she goes everywhere absolutely. Italy had to repaint the walls because it was absolutely Tito marks everywhere there's all kinds of stuff going on. So it in it's it's not like. They date planned that and so on a memo this what we're gonna deal you just it happened while everybody was going about their. Daily lives and every morning so absolutely so nobody nobody knew this was gonna happen. Any of the West Coast as you were on at West Coast got right down at the time. It what was around 7 AM seven yeah right and so for me it was like around nine will yet it was almost 9 o'clock now it was 845 remember and I didn't have to go on the air until 10 AM back then. So I wouldn't leave my house until 915 and I or something like that and so. And I am you know I was young like Q so I would sleep until 815830. Absolute everyday and I thought that was Tina you run earlier I was on late at night so NASA and insults flew right I'd stay up till 2 AM every night you know that kind of thing different schedule. I just I just remembered not being prepared I was in need to go on the air that day and not being. Good enough I guess all feeling like I was yeah could be in that position to be doing what I was doing and I was. But I just I just tried to hang in there. We had probably one of the coolest most veteran morning guys that I've ever worked with my life and he passed away about three years ago. His name is Lee Rogers and this guy. Was like. America troops that's where I've learned all that like looking up to him he was always the big morning guy yes in that city he stayed on the air for 36. Hours. So what are station did was basically all the folks who would do the shifts. We were like fielding phone calls and getting things for him getting materials for the whole morning showed kind of they just took over the radio station and the whole city took over the rate decision it was so cool and being a part of that. I'll never forget it and I I just kept going through the days thinking to myself this is. This is it repeal this hasn't happened spots it means so it was one of those. Yes it does and yes it can and seen all the people like you well as us at the station. Just rallied together there was no whining there was no complaining there was no I'm working thirteen hours for fifteen hours. Or 36 hour is did it like it was just part of it was a part of what we were gonna do and the listeners responded and I mean there's so many tears. There was so much anger there was. We like let them Eric Eric air everything that there are feeling on the radio and it was we didn't have to hit the dump button and but those listening to radio. Where someone you know so some knotty dumping it in the and it and it clears and out not one time episode respectful completely had respect to every phone call live like. And I had I'll never done in my career saying I never ever ever attempted that and it was wild Serbia I'll never forget that system. A crazy horrific day for America but also a day where we overcame so many obstacles and we. We rallied together and you can just feel that America I think got stronger unit mean. And wiser and we were more alert we were more on. We you know we weren't as relaxed as we've always been you know and mean and so it just blows me would go back in time and think about that. That was so so amazing and just a dvd you you can't forget you you forget all kinds of days like Tony for. Birthday and wedding anniversary. And. Stuff like that Andy is slight tear in your memory so I mean I'm glad you're taking phone calls and we're gonna do in the afternoon show and just trying to seem to every stinking and and the vibe of everybody here at C town in the surrounding areas. Of what they were doing and how they felt yes this is such a big military community here absolutely we're getting a lot of phone calls from. Veterans and people who are active duty military still and they want to share these stories absolutely and so they deferred to a person may learn today and share with and we're glad for all the folks are calling into that are literally. By giving their time in their emotions just expressed the day and express themselves on nine elevenths we appreciate you. Now if you don't mind I I might throw this up as a podcast yeah. To encourage guests to share their stories because perhaps they would like to know where we learn what was going on like I think this is a great idea this almost a lunch party bonus her lunch party 9/11 bonus soon I mean I I appreciate you doing this to you. I had no idea you folks understand when I come in the studio in the league is Sheikh where I wanna talk to. I never had any idea. As to what she's gonna say which is which makes it fun and and exciting so thank you for doing this today ideally this is a big deal you that it means a lot to us yeah do you fear. I.