DeeLee and Wingo's Lunch Party

DeeLee and Wingo's Lunch Party

DeAnna Lee & Wingnut giggle their way through the Lunch Party with discussions you didn't even know you wanted to have about topics that may or may not make any sense. We take a bite out of buzz-worthy topics like: "Is it ok to wear your PJs to the grocery"? and "Does Bigfoot really exist"? Plus, we always have the inside scoop on all things shakin' down with their favorite country artists and music. Come on in and have Lunch Party!

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DeeLee and Wingo's Lunch Party

Throwdown Takes Over the Lunch Party

Wednesday, May 30th
DeeLee scares the crap out of chicken finger eating Wingnut with her Goi Ga Salad and gives an update on her French Bulldog Dixie Bell who's recovering from...
DeeLee and Wingo's Lunch Party

Lunch Party with DeeLee and Wingo

Wednesday, May 16th
DeeLee's trip to Kansas City turned into an AirBnB horror story because of a super nosey host. You won't believe what this host did to try and get into the...