Apple under fire from scientists for 'wildly inaccurate' T-Rex emoji

Uh oh! Apple is in trouble with some scientists. Apple recently came up with some new emojis. Scientists are up in arms because it is not anatomically correct. I think these scientists have a little too much time in their hands. Check this out... Video of Apple under fire for 'wildly...
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Apple Unveils New Emojis

If you LOVE to communicate with emojis like nearly every other human in this country, you are gonna be pretty happy. Apple has unveiled some new emojis that they will be adding soon including a mind blown emoji and a breastfeeding mom emoji. ---------- Happy #WorldEmojiDay ! -- We’ve got some --...
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New iPhone Is HERE TODAY!

No iPhone 7? Apple unveils the new 4-inch iPhone SE, today and it is cheaper? More details, below with an updated video from Apple! Check the link here:
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