This Coffee REALLY Gets You Going

This coffe is being recalled because it supposedly contains the some of the same chemical compunds that are in Viagra. Now, okay, that might be the case but this coffee has been promoted for having this exact effect before. How did the powers that be not see this? Video of Now, A Coffee to Boost...
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Scientists discover coffee could be the key to losing weight AND exercising more

Well, science finally has some good news for us. Especially if you are the kind of person who likes to drink coffee. They are saying it could be the secret to losing weight as it helps reduce appetite and also give you the energy to work out. There is more to it and you can read the whole story...
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RaeLynns Eggcellent Halloween Costume

RaeLynn takes Halloween seriously and this year is no different. Eggs, bacon, and a flower crown, too?! You are what you eat. -- A photo posted by -- R A E L Y N N -- (@raelynnofficial) on Oct 29, 2016 at 6:31pm PDT Her husband even joined in on the fun...kind of. He wore a t-shirt with the word "...
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