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Will a $4,000 Travel Tax Credit Be Part of a Second Stimulus Package?

Could a domestic travel tax credit be part of a second stimulus payment? The president’s comments hinted to a possible domestic travel credit at a roundtable discussing with restaurant executives on May 18.
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Study: Economic Inequality Can Help Predict COVID-19 Deaths

A new study shows that often economic inequality can help predict COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. Researchers found that states with greater income inequality are more likely to see coronavirus cases and related deaths. Read more.
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Baby Yoda Merch Spotted at Trump Rally

In case you had any doubt that everybody loves Baby Yoda. Merchandise that uses the likeness of the "Mandalorian" cutie was spotted at a campaign rally that President Donald Trump held on Tuesday night at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Panther Arena. ABC News 2020 campaign reporter Will...
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'Perfect for This Part': Jeff Daniels to Play James Comey in Miniseries

Jeff Daniels has been confirmed to play James Comey in an upcoming miniseries based on the former FBI director’s memoir "A Higher Loyalty." CBS Studios announced on Monday that they will produce the four-hour miniseries, CNN reports . While Daniels will be playing Comey, "Harry Potter" actor...
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Country Stars Weigh In On Debate

It was the most tweeted about debate in history. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton went at it for the first of three Presidential debates. Whoever you choose to vote for, remember it's honor to have the choice! Here are just some of the thoughts that our country artists decided to share on Twitter...
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Trace Adkins, Ellen Tailor, Donald Trump

What Do Trace Adkins & Donald Trump Have In Common?

What do Trace Adkins and Donald Trump have in common? Video of Country Star Trace Adkins To Piers Morgan: 'I Would've Slapped The Shit Out Of You' ...The Celebrity Apprentice! It was on this day, in 2013, that the Don crowned Trace Adkins the winner of that show.
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