Firefighter Saves Dog's Life Twice

A firefighter in New York City who helped saved the life of a pup who was trapped during a house fire adopted the dog. The firefighter was responding to a fire in the room of a three-story house earlier this month when members of the home told firefighters there were two dogs trapped inside. The...
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West Pierce firefighters give kittens oxygen after fire

West Pierce fire fighters saved some kittens from a house fire yesterday and ended it up giving them oxygen. We imagine it looked something like the video below. You can also read more about and see some pics of the kittens and firefighters HERE . Video of GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten
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Ellen Tailor Catches Mariners First Pitch

What an honor. Man. I'm going to try and explain just how awesome my day at Safeco Field was. Bill Coultas and Daniel Lyon Jr. are both heroes in their own right. Firefighters were honored by the Mariners and while they threw out the first pitch, somehow I was given the chance to catch it! It was...
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