Granger Smith

Wait...Granger Smith And Earl Dibbles Jr. In the Same Music Video?? WATCH!

Something we've never seen before! Granger Smith and his alter ego, Earl Dibbles Jr. in the same place... AT THE SAME TIME! Related: Granger Smith Announces New Single "Happens Like That" In the new music video for the song 'Holler', we see Granger Smith AND Earl Dibbles Jr, together for the first...
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Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Raelynn

The Songs Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Raelynn, + More Couldn’t Get Out of Their Heads in 2018

As we look back on one of our favorite years of music, there are a few jams that we’ve had stuck in our heads for months on end.
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Maddie & Tae

EXCLUSIVE: Which CMAs 'Single Of The Year' Song Relates To You?

A lot of drinking and a lot of living
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DeAnna Lee's Favorite #Throwdown18 Moments

You came to #Throwdown18, and that's exactly what you did! There are so many moments I can point to that were once in a life time memories, but I'm going to try and pick a few. Related: #Throwdown18 Artists REAL Names Revealed Let's start with Earl Dibbles Jr.! Yes, he may have had the biggest dip...
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The Coors Light Studio interviews

The Wolf Hometown Throwdown was a sellout on a beautiful sunny day in Enumclaw. The crowd was rocked by Kane Brown, Chris Janson, Walker Hayes, Granger Smith, Cam, and Travis Denning. What they didn't get to see were these interviews, shot live from the Coors Light Studio backstage, just before the...
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Check out the happenings going down here at Throwdown 2018! Photos courtesy of Mat Hayward.
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Granger Smith Or Earl Dibbles Jr.??

Who's better? Granger? When life comes at you fast, there’s nothing like an old backroad to slow it down. A post shared by Granger Smith (@grangersmith) on Aug 27, 2018 at 6:25am PDT Or Earl Dibbles Jr.? Keep up with your key keys people it ain’t that hard A post shared by Earl Dibbles Jr (@...
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Throw Down Super Star Granger Smith’s Truck Was Involved in Horrible Accident!!

This one was too close for comfort! ‪We’ve had a hell of a morning. No one was hurt, and my driver Charlie climbed out without a scratch. We lost gear, but all that can be replaced. Grateful for my road brothers, and thankful for another day. See you tonight on stage in Baltimore!‬ A post shared by...
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Recording artist Granger Smith performs at the Tortuga Music Festival

Granger Smith Releases ‘If You’re City, If You’re Country’ and Shares Backstory

Get an inside look at Granger Smith's brand new book!
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Granger Smith performs at the Tortuga Music Festival

Granger Smith’s Wife Stars In His New “You’re In It” Video

Family man and country singer Granger Smith just shared a heartwarming music video for his track “You’re In It.”
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