Why Everyone Should Own Goats

I am a first time goat owner and boy has it been an adventure! We adopted two female goats last April and to our surprise one was pregnant and not just pregnant but with twins! In August we were blessed with twin girls named Hesper and Brave. Over the last few months they have been an adventurous...
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Jenna's PNW Adventuring Must See's

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I have had the privilege of adventuring through most of our beautiful state. Recently I went to three of my favorite spots to soak in mother nature's goodness and I thought I would share them with you. My only request is that anything you pack into...
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Jenna, Head of Security, Challenges YOU To #PayItForward

With the holiday season among us, most of us find ourselves wanting to do more to help others. There are limitless options and so many opportunities to truly help our community. With this our family wanted to shed light on food donations. When I was a child I did not grow up rich. My parents worked...
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