Hawks Get Ready to Play Christmas Eve

The Hawks head into the 2nd to last game of the regular season gearing up for a tough division opponent in the Arizona Cardinals. So there's some intense prep going on. Just ask Pete. Of course, it's the holiday weekend, so there's just a little bit of that going on Richard Sherman...
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Kam Chancellor Gets Engaged!

Congratulations to Seattle Seahawks stud, philanthropist, and all around good guy Kam Chancellor! She said, "YES!" It's Official -- @tiffanyluce ------------ @mccoysdiamonds A photo posted by Kameron Chancellor (@bambamkam) on Nov 7, 2016 at 11:38pm PST Best wishes to the happy couple!!! Follow Kam...
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An Open Letter To Seahawks Rookie Alex Collins

Dear Alex , I know you've been here for a bit but I'd like to officially welcome you to Seattle and the GREAT Northwest! My name is Ellen Tailor . I co-host the morning show on 100.7 The Wolf . Maybe you've heard of us? We've definitely heard of you. Especially your love of country music. You first...
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Do You Have A Hangover??

OMG did you make it through the weekend? Seahawks won, did you drink too much?Hangovers are like a Long Island Iced Tea -- a phenomenon made from equal parts headache, stomach pains, fuzzy mental function, and a sour mix of regret and self-hatred. As heinous as they are, though, hangovers force us...
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Our Official Football Playlist

It's the first official Blue Friday of the season. YEAHHHHH!!! WAHOO!!!!! GOOOOOO HAWKS! With your help, we've put together a list of the BEST country songs for football season. In no particular order... 1. Kenny Chesney - The Boys of Fall Video of Kenny Chesney - The Boys of Fall 2. Chris Young -...
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VIDEO: Ellen Tailor Celebrates the Return of Football Season

It's been a long few months without football. I'm not the only one that thinks that, right? I know it's only preseason. I know it's the first home game of the year. But OHEMGEE am I SOOOOOOOO excited!!! If you've followed the show for a while you know my bestie, Greg Scruggs , won a Super Bowl with...
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