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Meet Ellen Tailor's New Foster Puppy

Meet Fred! He's our first foster pup from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue . Fred's a 10-week-old wire haired terrier mix and is looking for his forever home. In the meantime, he's living at our house and my dog, Charlie, is teaching him the ropes. A lot of people are asking why I don't keep him as a...
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The LOCASH Love Story That Sticks

It's rare to find love at first sight. It's almost as rare to find love at first listen but LOCASH's new single, "Ring on Every Finger," might be just that. “I’ll put on a ring on every finger / Just to show that I’m legit / Gonna try my last name on ya girl / Just to see if it fits / If I could...
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WATCH: Lee Brice Gender Reveal!

Lee Brice is excited to grow his family. Lee and his wife, Sara, are expecting baby number three and with gender reveal videos being all the rage, they created their own to share the news with their friends, family and fans. Already a dad to two sons, Takoda, 8, and Ryker, 3, could the country...
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Dierks Bentley Releases NEW Music Video

He's back! Dierks Bentley releases a new music video exclusive to Time and it's H-O-T!!! We can't post it here (yet) but you CAN check it out here . Get ready to sweat. Gooooooooodness! @Time premieres the new music video for #Black. (Link in Bio) A photo posted by Dierks Bentley (@dierksbentley)...
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Jenna's PNW Adventuring Must See's

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I have had the privilege of adventuring through most of our beautiful state. Recently I went to three of my favorite spots to soak in mother nature's goodness and I thought I would share them with you. My only request is that anything you pack into...
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Ellen Tailor, Pete the Greek, Youtube Makeup Tutorial

VIDEO: Ellen's Dad Does Her Makeup

Ever have your DAD try and do your makeup? Probably not, because you're smart. But not me! My dad, Pete the Greek, is such a good sport but a horrible makeup artist. Watch, laugh, and share if you enjoyed. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel . Video of Dad Does My Makeup || Ellen Tailor...
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Ellen Tailor's Christmas Vacation in Photos

It feels good to be back! Rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to take on 2017. Before looking forward to what's in store, let's take a peek back at the last few weeks of 2016. My dad, Pete the Greek, made the trip from Michigan to Seattle. We celebrated the holidays in the first home I ever purchased...
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The Christmas Cranes of Seattle!

If you've driven through, near or in downtown Seattle over the last few months, you've undoubtedly noticed cranes dotting the skyline. Dozens of them. There's an incredible construction boom going on and although some may not like it too much, experienced drone pilot Nathan Alexander used a clear...
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Can You Guess Who This Grew Up To Be?

Just a newborn and already making a statement. Can you guess which member of our Wolf Pack this is? Here are a few clues... In school, teacher's would describe this child as a sweet kid who talked too much. Growing up, this child was definitely the loudest and most talkative among the other kids in...
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Local Veterans Helping Other Veterans

Every morning at 7:20a you hear Fitz in The Morning give you The Good Stuff, a daily story about good things that are happening in our world, when the news seems to be dominated by things that are not always quite so nice. We know that there is a ton of good stuff happening right here in the Great...
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