suicide prevention

Emily Wants To Take A Walk With You

Support Emily and The Morning Wolfpack as we walk to fight suicide in the Out of the Darkness Seattle Walk . Our Morning Wolkpack has been heavily impacted by suicide. My Father and Brother both took their own lives. I also attempted to take my own life. (To read more about her story click here )...
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What Kate Spade And I Have In Common...

Fashion designer Kate Spade’s suicide is on every news feed. Although every suicide is tragic, most do not make headlines. On average there are over 120 suicides per day in the US. Here is my suicide story… Growing up I seemed like a happy, well adjusted kid. I made straight A’s, never got in...
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I'm Listening; End the Stigma of Talking About Mental Health

I'm Listening ; Join the Conversation

Our two-hour, commercial-free live broadcast will feature personal stories from some notable names, and we’ll feature a call-in number here on the site during the show so that YOU can share how you’ve been impacted by suicide.
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