Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Is In Town Tonight!

Tay-Tay is taking over DOWNTOWN Seattle tonight. She is playing a show, not actually taking over the city, that would be against the law, right?!?! Judging by this video clip, I wonder if there is a mandatory dress code? Video of Taylor Swift Performs 'Ready for It' Live on &#...
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Lunch Party: Why Wingnut Ditched Taylor Swift for a Chicken Finger

Get into the Lunch Party with DeeLee and Wingo where they're sharing the real secret on how to win backstage passes to your favorite country artists in "Wind Up Wingo". Plus get all access scoop on what went down with Chris Young, Kane Brown, Morgan Evans, and that time Wingnut passed up meeting...
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Do you have Enough SUGAR in your DIET?

Don't listen to what all those So-Called HEALTH people say, getting MORE SUGAR in your diet is a good thing! Especially if it is SUGARLAND and TAYLOR SWIFT, right? See what I right there? :) Sugarland and Taylor Swift Just Released the Catchiest Breakup Song: Listen to ‘Babe’ https://t.co/...
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LISTEN: Sugarland Releases "Babe" Featuring Taylor Swift

Sugarland 's forthcoming album is only getting Bigger with the release of a new collaboration.
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Record Store Day 2018 Has Something For Everyone

The organizers behind the annual Record Store Day event have revealed this year’s exhaustive list of vinyl exclusives set for release on the big date, which this year falls on April 21.
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Kenny Chesney Unveils Live Recording of 'Big Star' Featuring Taylor Swift

Kenny Chesney 's newest project, Live In No Shoes Nation , features 30 tracks including a duet with Taylor Swift . The album showcases live performances from the country superstar's tours over the last 10 years. "Big Star" was released back in 2003 and comes from Chesney's sixth studio album, No...
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LIST: The Most Awkward Halloween Costumes for 2017

We just found a list of 50 costumes that are trending this year and some are a bit crazy! Here are some that stood out on the list to us: 1. Avocado Toast I looked for a photo of the costume, but there isn't one out there. I think this is one you'd have to create yourself. This could also be a cute...
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WATCH: Dan + Shay Crash a Wedding

Dan + Shay are officially wedding crashers, but we don't think this couple was upset about having two unexpected guests at their wedding. Dan + Shay (Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney) surprised a Florida couple this weekend when they performed at their wedding reception. Madeline Roberts, who calls...
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Snapchat Spoiler from Kelsea Ballerini?!

It's no secret I'm a sucker for Snapchat. I love getting the inside scoop and behind-the-scenes look into people's lives. Some would call me the nosey neighbor type always trying to get into your business. Based on Kelsea Ballerini's recent snap, I'm left wondering if she recorded a duet with...
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