WATCH: Guy Narrowly Escapes Death After Shooting Refrigerator

This guy thought he had a great idea for a YouTube video that nearly killed him. Look how close the refrigerator door came to smashing in to him. This is INSANE!! Video of Man Almost Killed After Shooting Fridge Filled With Tannerite
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Ellen Tailor, Pete the Greek, Youtube Makeup Tutorial

VIDEO: Ellen's Dad Does Her Makeup

Ever have your DAD try and do your makeup? Probably not, because you're smart. But not me! My dad, Pete the Greek, is such a good sport but a horrible makeup artist. Watch, laugh, and share if you enjoyed. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel . Video of Dad Does My Makeup || Ellen Tailor...
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An Athlete Tries To Do Makeup?!

In honor of #TBT (Throwback Thursday) take a few minutes to enjoy the awkwardness of this video I posted 365 days ago. A man attempting to do a woman's makeup is already entertaining (for us ladies, anyway hahaha) but throw in the fact said man is a Super Bowl Champion and hilarity ensues! Big...
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Ellen Tailor Manicure YouTube

VIDEO: Mani Monday

Video of How To Paint Your Own Nails || Ellen Tailor My friends ask how I have time to get manicures all the time. The answer is, I don't. I actually enjoy painting my own nails at home. But I didn't start liking it until I learned these few tips and tricks. I wanted to share them with you! Check...
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VIDEO: Super Bowl Champion Does My Makeup

Video of Professional NFL Athlete Does My Makeup || Ellen Tailor & Greg Scruggs In the spirit of football and the big game this weekend, here's a little throwback. My bestie and Super Bowl XLVIII Champion, Greg Scruggs, was such a good sport and tried to do my makeup. When you're done...
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